• “Does anyone have tips for New York?"

    Time was, when visiting somewhere new, you’d ask people you know for tips. Maybe a friend, perhaps a colleague, sometimes a neighbor. Today we ask the Internet, or our favorite social media hangouts. Truth be told, these all lead to places everyone knows. What if you’re after something that’s not in a guidebook – an awesome travel tip that you’ll love? Fear not! Find it with CityShare. Whatever you’re looking for, it couldn’t be easier with CityShare. With instant access to a mountain of great travel ideas, categorized for easy browsing, you’ll save bucketloads of time. Time better spent exploring awesome new places and doing amazing things in real life. Thanks, CityShare!

  • CityShare is a wiki of the very best travel tips updated by your friends – the people who are most likely to enjoy seeing and doing the same things as you. To see your friends’ top travel ‘Tips’, simply give your desired location to CityShare and it’ll do the rest. CityShare works when you’re on location too, with Tips for anywhere nearby. You can also widen your circle and be inspired by following other travelers, or search the Tips of all users of CityShare. Once you find that perfect spot, save it to your own ‘Deck’, or ‘Deck It’, for access any time you like, building your very own personal travel guide.


  • CEO Maarten Graven "There's no 'I' in team" BSc Businesss Administration
    First startup at 23
    Licensed behavioral expert.

  • CTO Flip Vernooij "No code, no glory" Database specialist & backend developer.
    15 years of experience.

  • CDO Justin Harris "Thinking made visual" In to the (k)now of design
    20 years of experience.

  • News from HQ

    MAY 2
    OH YES, we’re live (in the Netherlands)!
    After months of hard work, we present you a workable version that we can be proud of.

    MAY 1
    Thanks Apple, We got an "expedited" review which means we bypassed the review queue and got accepted really fast!

    APR 30
    Got approved by Apple, but found a weird bug. We're smashing the bug right now, hope we can get reviewed as soon as posible.

  • In the News

    FEB 27
    50 investors. Thank you!! For those who missed out on this: you can already become a shareholder of CityShare with 20 euros. Join the group of believers and help us reach 100%

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50 investors! You can become shareholder of CityShare starting at 20 euros too: ... #crowdfuncting




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